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About the firm Fantadrom Ltd

Fantadrom Ltd as the firm has appeared on June 10, 1992, and this fatal solution was accepted in that moment, when I, its permanent main director, went in rack behind a bag of sugar. Since then all began...

Firstly activity of the corporation was supposed messages in a direction of development and programming of new games for ZX-Spectrum. However on closer examination of problem has appeared, that for this purpose it is necessary to know the programming languages (at least, Basic, and the assembler is desirable also!) It became an insuperable obex to further activity of the corporation, owing to what the corporation made nothing in all rest of year, attempting to learn an assembler. It was done in main under the book of Inforcom "Programming in the machine codes and on an assembly language", and also by hacking Lode Runner (this game who for a long time is time to assign the status of the great martyr - only above her did not scoff, who only did not hacked...)

Outcomes of the maiden operations Fantadrom Ltd were experiments in the field of russification (victim which one you can find in section of the ZX Games). The booklet on this subject was released. At the end of 1992 there was a distortion on the subject of Lode Runner, it was named Lode Ranger, contained new levels and choice from 2 of the characters (man and woman - what a banality!). Then in 1993-1994 2 "broken" versions Lode Runner have followed: "Rangers" (in Russian, with choice from 6 characters, among which one there was such exotic, as a cat and ball!) and "Rescue Rangers 1" (on the subject of Disney's "Chip and Dale - rescue rangers", with choice from 4 respective characters, AY-music, built-in realtime clock of the game, new units of levels (quantity of units enlarged from 7 to 15!), and the level appeared instantaneously, instead of so slowly, as in the original. Also was planned to create 200 levels!!! The beta - version equipped for the beginning with 50 levels, you can free of charge download in section ZX Games).

Next, in 1996-1997 years the publication in a russian magazine "ZX-Review" of a series of computer short stories on games for Speccy, and also article on problems of russification of adventure games (in russian only, sorry) has followed.

The activity, directly bound with the computer, from december 1994 till January 1997 was ceased owing to my service in army. After army the corporation rather long attempted "to recover", creating the database of the "pokes" under IS-Dos system, but the operations were not lead up to the end - system has appeared unadapted under such purposes. Then since March - April 1998 I began to release the maiden programs on the platform IBM. The programs these were written at first on QBasic, then on MS Quick Basic (this completely not same, though is hardly similar; QBasic the concept has no about compilation in EXE!) Was also in use Borland Turbo Basic. Later I have passed on programming in FoxPro.

In outcome the whole software package for pension departments has appeared (because I worked then in Pension department of Kolpashevo region of Tomsk area). This software package behind an eye I name by Pension Office and probably, sometime too I shall lay out on this page.

The continuous acquaintance with FoxPro has pushed me to writing the large library of procedures and functions, which one essentially have expanded possibilities and have simplified programming on FoxPro 2.x for Dos).

In 2000 after a long rest Fantadrom Ltd has returned to ZX-Spectrum, where has undertaken the for a long time planned russification The Graphic Adventure Creator, potent editor of adventure games from the Incentive Software. For the fundamentals the version G.A.C.D. was taken, (it is disk version G.A.C. from Spectrofon #10). Besides the possibilities of the program were essentially enlarged, the set of new commands and functions, including command for implementation RPG (adventure with the several characters was built in!) and support uploading from the disk an additional game "levels" (or game zones, it is pleasant to whom as more). Outcomes of this operation you can find in section dedicated cyrillic G.A.C. - Advanced GAC.

Also was released the disk version of the game Impact (there is a built-in editor of levels - now it is possible to save levels to the TR-Dos disk!) .

Since 2001 the corporation has taken developments of Web-pages in Internet. Except for this page was designed the page of city Kolpashevo (in russian only), and also the page dedicated creativity of Helene Turkka is now designed.

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