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Russian version English version

ZX-Spectrum games

This section is dedicated to ZX Spectrum games, translated on Russian or created by firm Fantadrom LTD. All of those games you can free download in .TRD (TR-Dos disk image) or .SCL (compact TR-Dos disk image) format. All of those is packed by ZIP.

ATTENTION!!! To launch any game you will need ZX-emulator with TR-Dos and .TRD/.SCL supporting! Such emulator you can download at Virtual TR-Dos site in section Emulz. The emulator select on the taste, but I recommend you Z80 Stealth.

Here you can also find my collection of sources of games written in Graphic Adventure Creator.

Dizzy 2 (russian version)

Dizzy 2

Dizzy 2 and Dizzy 3 was russified on 1993. The quality of russification is not bad, so I recommend it!

Download: TRD SCL

Dizzy 3 (russian version)

Dizzy 3

Unfortunately in 3rd part there is no AY-music :-(

Download: TRD SCL

Chronos (russian version)


Russian version of Chronos

Download: TRD SCL

Earth Shaker (russian version)

Earth Shaker

Not bad game seems like Digger. Russian version.

Download: TRD SCL

High Steel (russian version from Jessica Justice)

High Steel (in russian version - "The Communism Builder")

The Communism Builder is a funny arcade game with built-in demo.

Download: TRD SCL

Rescue Rangers (Lode Runner remix)

Rescue Rangers I (beta-version)

English version of Lode Runner remix. AY sound, uploading new levels, new elements of levels (such as rope ladders, metal blocks and etc.), game timer, saving the table of best results to TR-Dos disk, four characters and each of enemies has an own set of the sprites!

Download: TRD SCL

Rick Dangerous (russian version)

Rick Dangerous

Russian version of Rick Dangerous.

Download: TRD SCL

Sexmachine (russian version from Jessica Justice)


Russian version of Sexmachine.

Download: TRD SCL

Ivan-tzarevitch and Helene Charming (russian adventure game)

Ivan-tzarevitch and Helene Charming

Russian adventure game written in AdGACR. Text only.

Download: TRD SCL

Update (November 4,2001)
Chuckie Egg (russian version from Denis Labutin)

Chuckie Egg

Russian version of Chuckie Egg made by Clan Corp. (thanks to Denis Labootin for resolution).

Download: TRD SCL

Elite (version for Kempston joystick)


English version of Elite. Controls is changed to Kempston-joystick.

Download: TRD SCL

Gremlins (disk version)


TR-Dos version of Gremlins.

Download: TRD SCL

The Hobbit (disk version)

The Hobbit

TR-Dos version of The Hobbit.

Download: TRD SCL

Impact (disk version)


TR-Dos version of Impact.

Download: TRD SCL

Phantis 2 (english version)

Phantis 2

The original of this game was in spanish. This is an english version.

To start enter code: 18757.

Download: TRD SCL

Planetoids (russian version + AY)


Russian version of Planetoids, with AY-music.

AY version - Download: TRD SCL

Mute version - Download: TRD SCL



Disk version of Quazatron.

Download: TRD SCL

Lode Ranger

Lode Ranger

Another remix of Lode Runner. Two player characters.

Download: TRD SCL

The rangers

The rangers

...And one more Lode Runner remix named The Rangers. 6 player characters.

Download: TRD SCL

Sexmachine (disk version)

Sexmachine (disk version)

English version for TR-Dos. Packed.

Download: TRD SCL

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