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ZX-Spectrum programs

This section is dedicated to ZX Spectrum system programs and applications, created by firm Fantadrom LTD. All of those games you can free download in .TRD (TR-Dos disk image) or .SCL (compact TR-Dos disk image) format. All of those is packed by ZIP.

ATTENTION!!! To launch any game you will need ZX-emulator with TR-Dos and .TRD/.SCL supporting! Such emulator you can download at Virtual TR-Dos site in section Emulz. The emulator select on the taste, but I recommend you Z80 Stealth.


KIA Basic 1.0

Spectrum Basic extension. Windows drawing, shadows, proportional INPUT and PRINT commands and many more.

Download: TRD SCL
Description in WinWord 95 and 7.0 formats (ZIPped, 28K) - in russian language

ZX Page Maker

Tasword-liked program for text editing and printing. Printer fonts editing utility included!

Download: TRD SCL


AY-musical support for standard Basic editor.

Download: TRD SCL

AY music demos

Some musical demos for AY.

Download: TRD SCL

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