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G.A.C. games

In this section you can find some games, created with help G.A.C.
All of them are present at three versions: .TAP, .TRD and .SCL, and all are packed in ZIP-archives.
Here not startable games, but them sources, the blocks of codes loaded from address 42271 here are submitted. You can use them as the manual on programming on G.A.C. or to compile them in separate games.

ATTENTION!!! The most part of these games will not work with G.A.C.D. as occupy too many memory. Therefore I recommend to work with image of a tape .TAP with firm version G.A.C.

If you have the games written on G.A.C. which are absent in this list, please, inform me about it on my Email:

I also invite all authors of adventure games to send me the games and the programs written in G.A.C., G.A.C.D. or in GACR/AdGACR. With pleasure I'll put them on this page.

Name Download Short description
Games for russified disk versions of GACR/AdGACR
Ivan Tzarevich and Helene Charming .TAP .TRD .SCL Authors - E. & A. Berezin, 2001.
Game on motives of Russian national fairy tales. Very simple. For AdGACR. The compiled version can be found in section ZX-Games.
Games for tape version of G.A.C., in English
Name Download Short description
The legend of Apache gold .TAP .TRD .SCL Western. Objective - searches of treasures of Apaches.
Book of the dead .TAP .TRD .SCL Objective of game, similar, consists in search of treasures of the Egyptian pharaons (in 2 parts).
Cricket-crazy .TAP .TRD .SCL The plane is seized by the terrorist (in 2 parts).
Ransom .TAP .TRD .SCL The Demo-game applied to original package G.A.C. from Incentive Software.
Chantie .TAP .TRD .SCL Game with good graphic. Objective is to find and bring to start place magic crystal of Chantie.
Deadenders .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - The Dreaming Djinn
You act in a role of the detective investigating disappearance of the person.
Druids moon .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp
The objective of game is unknown. Very good graphic.
Football Frenzy .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp, 1987
Probably, game of a genre managament where you play a role of the manager in a soccer team.
Frankenstein .TAP .TRD .SCL Игра в трех частях с очень красиввым художественным текстом. Вы - доктор Франкенштейн, из чего можно заключить, что Ваша задача - уничтожить монстра, созданного Вами. Game in three parts. You are a doctor Frankenstein, from what it is possible to conclude, that your task - to destroy the monster created by you
Imagine .TAP .TRD .SCL Game with quite good sense of humour. You are a user sitting at a computer. For the beginning insert a disk laying on a table, into the disk drive...
Mystery of the Indus Valley .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - L.A. Software, (c) Alternatice Software
You - a member of the London Archeologic society, are sent to Indus Valley on searches Scythean tablet and Alexandrite's starstone
Karyssia - Queen of diamonds .TAP .TRD .SCL Adventure game with very beautiful 3D graphic (like in Nosferatu the Vampire). In three parts. The objective of game is unknown.
Lifeterm .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp, 1987
Game with graphic. You get on planetoid Souzel, your objective - to be rescued therefrom.
Loogaroo .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp
You are a reporter of the newspaper. In your office the editor calls and reports on mysterious murder...
Matt Lukas .TAP .TRD .SCL You - a detective to which should solve secret of kidnapping of the friend...
The Necris-Dome .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp
The objective of game is unknown. Probably, action occurs at space station or on other planet.
Oh, Sh##! .TAP .TRD .SCL The objective of game is unknown.
Smashed .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp
In this game you should become the military doctor.
Spacestation Beta 1 .TAP .TRD .SCL Authors - Dan B. Nielsen, Peter Lumbye, 1986
Game with poor graphic. The plot and objective of game are unknown.
Star-wreck .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp, 1987
You are a captain of the star ship. Objective, apparently - to take passengers of the ship to destination.
Wiz-Biz .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Charles A. Sharp, 1987
You have got in the castle of the wizard. Your objective - to be rescued therefrom.
Winter Wonderland .TAP .TRD .SCL Your plane was broke in ice desert...
The Runestone of Zaobab .TAP .TRD .SCL Author - Eric Stewart, 1988
In the beginning of game to you will choose the weapon - a staff, a sword, a dagger or an axe. The objective of game is unknown.
Updating from November 18, 2001
Games of firm Zenobi are added. Because games contain original to the pseudo-graphic, fonts, complete games (in a format .TZX - they are supported with emulator ZX32 for Win9x by Vaggelis Kapartzianis which you can download on a site Virtual TR-Dos) here are placed. A source of games - a site TZX Vault.
Name Download Short description
The Slaughter Caves .TAP .TRD .SCL Game You get in any enigmatic place, castle or dungeon. The objective of game is unknown. Presumably - to get out on freedom.
The Tales of Mathematica (part 1) .TAP .TRD .SCL Game Game with puzzles on mathematical subject matter. The first part.
The Tales of Mathematica (part 2) .TAP .TRD .SCL Game Game with puzzles on mathematical subject matter. The second part.
The Boyd file .TAP .TRD .SCL Game Game on detective subject matter. Game came in package "Balrog's Box of Delights".
Church of Death .TAP .TRD .SCL Game Very small game, action occurs in Church of Death.

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